Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM)


Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisations (PIM) is a relatively new and innovative method of providing mechanically assisted joint mobilisation, without the risks sometimes associated with manipulation.

The PIM is a hand held , spring loaded instrument  which delivers a small impulse to a specific joint in the spine, producing just enough force to correct positional faults of the vertebrae gently and safely and can often bring immediate improvement in movement dysfunction and pain.

Although the PIM itself is similar in appearance to the Chiropractic Activator, the method used by Physiotherapists is based on traditional articular Physiotherapy techniques (Maitland) as well as Osteopathic dysfunction and Mulligan’s concept of positional faults.

It can be used to treat most joints in the body, but is a particularly effective method for re-aligning joints in the neck, thoracic, lower back and sacro-iliac joint regions and will always be combined with other manual therapy techniques.

Andrea Shaw is one of the first of only a few Physiotherapists in Australia who have been trained in this highly specialised technique which has been accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association to comply with their high standards of continuing professional development.